Mercado Triple Arthrodesis

Mercado Triple Arthrodesis
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Mercado Triple Arthrodesis
The Mercado Triple Arthrodesis is discussed in detail utilizing step-by-step illustrations, 3-D computer animation, and an actual surgical case with live commentary and postoperative x-rays. The special 3-D computer animation sequence shows how the normal foot bones deformed in talipes equines varus. Additionally, a rare case of talipes equinus varus is shown with a twenty-year follow up examination.

A thorough discussion of dystonia deformity is given, as well as an interview with Dr. Robert Richardson, a world renowned neurosurgeon and pioneer in cryo surgery for dystonia patients.

This is a must see video for anyone interested in reconstructive surgery of the foot.

Running Time: 1:01:15 ISBN: 0-940542-10-2