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Dr. O.A. Mercado wins Eschas Prize!

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From left to right: Drs. Kent Mercado, Antonio J. Zalacain Vicuña , O. A. Mercado, José Manuel Ogalla Rodriguez

The Eschas Prize is the highest distinction and recognition awarded every two years by the Catalunya College of Podiatric Medicine (Colegio de Podologos de Cataluña) to the individual who has contributed the most to improve the profession of Podiatric Medicine in Spain. Dr. Mercado was chosen for his many lectures that he has given all over Spain (he is a visiting professor at the University of Barcelona) over the last twenty-five, and his numerous articles, books and surgical videos that have “help the Spanish Podologos (podiatrists) to improve greatly their surgical techniques of the foot and ankle”.

The presentation of the certificate and Eschacs statue was made in Oak Park by Drs Ogalla and Zalacain, the president and vice-president of the Colegio de Podologos de Cataluña and professors at the University of Barcelona in Spain. Dr. Mercado is the First American to be awarded the Eschas Prize.

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Susana Castro, clinic administrator, translating Dr. Zalacain’s comments, spoken in Spanish, to the audience.

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Dr. Kent Mercado delivering the closing remarks at the awards ceremony

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Common Peroneal Nerve Block

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The Podiatric Surgeon’s Field Guide - Book I

Written and Illustrated by

O. A. Mercado, D.P.M.

Dr. Mercado brings his life long experience as a teacher, illustrator, anatomist, and surgeon to produce a beautifully illustrated, masterfully written e-Book/DVD-ROM that guides the reader through the complicated field of podiatric surgery; he tells you what works, what pitfalls to avoid and along the way, gives you a richer understanding and appreciation of surgical anatomy.

The e-Book/DVD-ROM (3.08GB) format allows for full color illustrations and photographs as well as Video Clips of actual surgery performed and narrated by Dr. Mercado. Book I includes: Nail Surgery, Soft Tissue Surgery, Principles of Bone Surgery, Digital Surgery, MPJ Surgery, Cerclage, Exostoses, Sesamoids, Accessory Bones and much, much more!

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“Artist, Educator, Author, Illustrator, Teacher, Residency Director and PM News Hall of Fame winner, OA Mercado has it all."

Dr. Bret Ribotsky


Tip # 2: Anatomical Landmark of the ATF Ligament


Congratulations! Dr. O. A. Mercado named as one of America’s Most influential Podiatrists in Podiatry Management magazine, the most influential publication for the podiatric profession.

Here is what they wrote about him:

“In a Nutshell: Nationally recognized podiatric author, editor, illustrator, residency director, and authority on anatomy and foot and ankle surgery”.


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